Soudage à l’arc

Arc Welding


Arc welding is a joining process that uses large electric current to melt and fuse a consumable metal onto the base metal. Arc welding and other related processes are used extensively throughout transportation, construction, and industrial equipment manufacturing. For over four decades, Kawasaki has been developing new metal fabrication processes that lead to improvements in arc welding technology, techniques, and quality.

Kawasaki offers standard interfaces to integrate with any major brand of welding power supply. Adaptive laser vision is available to view the joint ahead of the weld electrode to identify and track the joint geometry before and during a weld in real time. Kawasaki also offers start sensing and touch sensing to identify the correct position of the weld location. Multi-pass adaptive fill technology is available for heavy deposition welding applications.

Kawasaki's advanced technologies can help you reach the quality and volume of product you expect from an arc welding system.

Vidéo d’applications

Fixtureless Arc Welding of an Axle

Adaptive Arc Welding with Part & Weld Inspection

Fiber Optic Laser Welding with Vision

Tarière et boîtier de soudage à l'arc

Fixtureless Arc Welding of Railcar Cross Member

Arc Welding Ship Assemblies

Fixtureless Arc Welding of an Axle

Robots pour Soudage à l’arc

Robots de soudage à l'arc

Robots de soudage à l'arc

Robots qui effectuent le soudage à l'arc.

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots

CL Series Collaborative Robots