Pince à air ARM-Kseries

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Air Gripper ARM-Kserie05
Air Gripper ARM-Kseries01
Air Gripper ARM-Kserie03
Air Gripper ARM-Kserie04

Compatible with the dual-arm SCARA robot "duAro 1,2" robotics R series.
Pneumatic system.
Including mounting attachment, open/close sensor, open/close speed control valve, and materials required for installation.
Compliant with ISO9409-1-31.5-4-M5
Adopting high precision and high rigidity bearing, it can be used for long grip point applications.

Spécifications des robots

  • Robots prisCompatible robots are as follows. * Select a robot according to the gripper and work weight.
    RS-003N, RS-005N/L, RS-007N/L, RS-013N, duAro1, duAro2
  • Application Software
  • Options de robotR series: Built-in solenoid valve, sensor harness, duAro series: Standard specifications are available

Téléchargement de données

For manuals and technical data related to the product itself, please obtain from the above website link.
For wiring / piping, see "Installation / Connection Manual" and "Option Harness Manual" for the R series, and "duAro, Instruction Manual" for duAro.

Vidéo d’applications