The Dual-Arm SCARA Robot "duAro" by Kawasaki Robotics:
A brand new offering that realizes the concept of an innovative Dual-Arm SCARA Robot which can safely collaborate with humans in work operations.

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Application Video

Automated PCR testing system

Automated screw tightening by collaborative dual-arm robot

Product description: duAro1 & duAro2

[Online exhibition] The dual-armed SCARA robot duAro automatically connecting boards

[Online exhibition] The dual-armed SCARA robot duAro assembling CPUs

[Online exhibition] The dual-armed SCARA robot duAro assembling and handling FPCs

PCR Testing System_English

Fooma2019 Closing the lids of bento boxes

JissoPortec2019 Alignment of electronic parts

JissoPortec2019 Assembling and Screw Tightening for PCBs

JissoPortec2019 Inspection of PCBs

JISSO PROTEC 2019 transferring boards

Inspection of PCBs - Kawasaki duAro2 Robot

Handling of FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) Boards - Kawasaki duAro robot

Automated Labeling of Cosmetic Tubes

Assembly of PCB Parts with Floppy Leads - Kawasaki duAro robot

Packing Lunch Boxes at FOOMA Japan 2017

Case Packing of Wrapped Rice Balls

Spreading Sauce on Pizza Dough at FOOMA Japan 2017

Serving Coffee at FOOMA Japan 2017

Performance Testing of Keyboards & Touch Panels

Vision Guided Pick & Sort at iREX2015

Filing and Stacking Documents