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Since the 1990s, we have been dedicated to supplying industrial robots to our Indian clientele, significantly enhancing their manufacturing capabilities through our network of distributors. Recognizing the growing demand and the need for enhanced customer support, we took a pivotal step in 2015 by establishing the KHI India Robot Division (KIRD) in Gurgaon, Haryana. This strategic move was aimed at providing superior and more responsive support to our expanding customer base as the number of our units in operation increased.

In June 2022, reflecting our commitment to strengthening our presence and brand in the Indian market, we rebranded the company as Kawasaki Robotics India Private Limited (KRIN). This change underscores our dedication to delivering advanced robotics solutions and comprehensive support, ensuring our customers continue to benefit from our cutting-edge technology and expertise in industrial automation.

As a pioneer in industrial robot manufacturing, we have been developing and supplying many high-quality, high-performance robots for a variety of applications such as welding, assembly, material handling, painting, and palletizing for diverse sectors, including the automotive, electrical, and electronics sectors, drawing on technologies and experience accumulated over the last five decades.
We offer solutions that meet our customers’ needs for automation, labor-saving efforts, enhanced productivity, quality, and the work environment.



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