Automated painting applications require specialized equipment in order to achieve accurate and consistent paint finish quality. This specialized equipment includes an explosion-proof robot arm, spray applicator/bell, gear pumps, color change manifolds, solenoid valves, transducers and pressure regulators, to name a few. Kawasaki provides a variety of technologies to solve the challenges associated with achieving consistently premium paint finish quality.

Kawasaki offers a new line of robot arms in various sizes and configurations to meet any robotic painting application. These arms feature lightweight aluminum castings, a triple roll hollow wrist, as well as explosion proof cavities to house electrical control equipment. Certain models incorporate an open "process arm" for the mounting of any manufacturer's paint process equipment, in close proximity to the applicator, allowing for responsive paint process control. In addition to a standard 6-axis automotive style paint robot with a horizontal waist joint, a 7-axis pedestal robot is also available. The seventh axis has been incorporated as an additional (vertical) waist joint, designed specifically to increase the robot's significant work envelope.

Kawasaki's extensive automated painting experience can help you overcome your challenges with paint finishing throughput, consistency, and quality.

Application Video

Painting Recreational Vehicle Parts

Painting Plastics - Kawasaki KF121 robot with Servo Twister

Painting System for Automotive Body and Bumpers

Painting System for Automotive Body and Bumpers

Painting Line for Shinkansen Rail cars

Painting Motorcycle Cowls - Kawasaki KF264 robot

Flame Treating Bumpers