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November 24, 2020

PCR Testing System  

Kawasaki is proposing a PCR testing system using robots. A demonstration system is installed at Kawasaki’s Tokyo Robot Center in Daiba. The PCR testing system employs many robots to automate dispensing, cultivation and testing of collected sampling in a short time, preventing workers from infection.

     The system is drawing keen attention from government offices and medical organizations as well as airports worldwide. Many officers including ministers visited to see the system and a number of newspapers reported the new technology.

     Based on our experience and expertise over half a century in robotics, Kawasaki is returning our state-of-art technologies to society, and trying to contribute to combat the pandemic. We wish that we will overcome COVID-19 and resume safe and secure daily life as soon as possible.

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System / Collected sample contaliners / Container opening & dispensation process / Nucleic acid extraction process