The F01/02/03/04 controllers are new generation controllers with universal specifications. By combining an optional transformer unit, it can be used in countries around the world where the primary power supply voltage differs.
The volume and mass of the controller have been greatly reduced by 30% from the previous universal controllers (E01/02/03/04) to a size that can be stored in a 19-inch rack. As controllers for medium and large robots, they are the smallest and lightest in the industry.
In addition, the performance of the latest CPU has been greatly improved, and various options such as the built-in 2D vision are also available. Together with the teach pendant GenII, it's a new, easy-to-use controller.

Smallest and lightest in the industry

As a successor model of the E0x controller, the F controller has been renewed and evolved, achieving a 30% reduction in both volume and mass.
This compact controller can be used even for large robots with 700kg payload.

Energy saving

The F03 controller is equipped standard with a power regenerative function and makes a significant contribution to energy conservation by effectively utilizing regenerative energy. The power regenerative function is available for the F02/F04 controllers as an option*1.
*1 ・・・ This option needs space for 2 external axis amplifier units.

Universal Support

They are universal specifications that can be used in countries all over the world by using an optional transformer unit in regions with different primary power supply voltage and safety standards.

Highly expandable and network supported

Improved CPU performance and enhanced I/F provide a wide range of user needs and expandability.

  • Equipped standard with 2 LAN ports supporting up to 1000 BASE-T.
  • LAN port can be added by incorporating switching hub function. (optional)
  • Built-in 2D vision. (optional)
  • Bluetooth connection between tablet and controller. (optional)
  • Supports various fieldbuses.
  • Compatible with the new teach pendant GenII.

High safety

The safety circuit of the F01/02/03/04 controller satisfies ISO 13849-1 PLe, Category 4, IEC 61508 SIL 3.
In addition, the optional functional safety unit “Cubic-S” can be added to support high value-added safety functions such as space monitoring function and speed monitoring function (* 2).
* 2 ・・・ The safety level of space monitoring function, speed monitoring function, etc. satisfies ISO 13849-1 PLd, Category 3, IEC 61508 SIL2.

Teach Pendant Gen II

The new Gen II teach pendant weighs only 690 grams, the lightest in the industry. Its volume is 26% smaller than the previous model. In addition to improved functionability and maintenability such as USB memory, cable length extension, and detachable connectors, 3D display and 2D vision function setting are now possible thanks to the increased number of LCD colors from 256 to 260,000.

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