Adaptive Suction Hand


The adaptive suction hand is a compact and lightweight general-purpose robot hand that has a trace mechanism that fits the shape of a work and can stably suck even it with a complicated shape.
Since this hand has a built-in throttle valve in the suction part, it is possible to suck the work with a single vacuum source even if there is a suction error in half of the 12 suction pads.
This hand has an intermediate flange that can attach to a small robot arm, an ejector that can convert positive pressure air to negative pressure air, and a bracket that can attach the ejector as options.

Robot Specifications

  • Supported RobotsRS0003N,RS005N/L,RS007N/L,RS013N,duAro1/2

Data Download

For manuals and technical data related to the product itself, please obtain from the above website link.

Application Video