Cobot Pump ECBPi

Schmalz GmbH

Cobot Pump ECBPi is compact electrical vacuum generator which can be installed on the list of robot directly. This generates vacuum with only DC24V power supply, no need to supply compressed air.
It can be controlled "sack" and "release" by DI/O signal, can be setted various parameter with vacuum switch, display panel and button.
It can be combined with configurable modular gripper and easy to build vacuum end effector depend on each workpieces quickly.

Robot Specifications

  • Supported RobotsRS0003N
  • Application Software
  • Robot Options

Data Download

For manuals and technical data related to the product itself, please obtain from the above website link.
An external power supply (24 VDC) and a signal connection to the robot controller are required.
If you have any questions about the connection method, please contact us.

Application Video