Electric gripper EH series


A compact, lightweight gripper that allows for a delicate grip similar to that of human fingertips.
■Compact and lightweight: These small grippers weigh 200g to 380g.
■Gripping force: Maximum gripping force is 25N for the 2-finger type and 50N for the 3-finger type. It is possible to adjust the gripping force with operating current in increments of 1%.
■Stroke: The 2-finger type offers a maximum stroke of 25 mm, and the 3-finger type offers a maximum stroke of φ36 mm. The 3-finger type features a long-stroke design that can handle workpieces with different shapes without changing attachments.

Robot Specifications

  • Supported RobotsR series(E controllers, F controllers), duAro series
  • Application Software-
  • Robot OptionsEhternet/IP

Data Download

  • Manual / Technical documents / OthersDownload

Application Video