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KeiganMotor® is a Motor Module® product specialized in Rapid Prototyping – the swift creation of prototypes. It is an all-in-one product incorporating a DC brushless servo motor and electronic components (high-performance microcontroller, wireless, sensors) needed to drive it. With no complicated setup required, you can immediately set the motor in motion. The concept behind KeiganMotor® originates from the idea of "adding functionality to the motor itself." We aim to create a mechanism that allows for the easy use of motors, the essential component of robots, and apply it to manufacturing.
KeiganPi is a product developed to quickly operate KeiganMotor by combining a programming environment with Raspberry Pi. It adopts the visual programming environment Node-RED and comes pre-installed with KeiganMotor's API for Python and Node.js, allowing development through scripts. By eliminating the several hours typically required for environment setup, users can immediately run KeiganMotor after purchase, significantly reducing the time needed and enabling the motor to be set in motion without any complicated configuration.

Robot Specifications

  • Supported RobotsR series 
    duAro series
  • Application Software-
  • Robot Options-

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