Grippers for collaborative robots (RLSH/RHLF/RCKL-KW Series)

CKD Corporation

This pneumatic gripper is compatible with Kawasaki Robot's duAro Series of collaborative robots.
Easy installation with a dedicated common flange, and tool-less replacement with clamp ring has been realized. Equipped with an edgeless resin cover and an LED indicator lamp that can be viewed 360° for high safety, it supports all customers incorporating collaborative robots.

Robot Specifications

  • Supported RobotsduAro1(Dcontroller、Fcontroller) / duAro2(Fcontroller)

Data Download

Manual: For manuals and technical documents related to the product itself, please refer to the product link above.

Technical documents: Refer to 'duAro, instruction manual' for wiring and air piping.

Others: This product can also be used for Kawasaki robots with matching flange mounting surfaces. Please inquire from the following inquiries.

Application Video