Robotic Hand Changer・Adapter Plate


【Robotic Hand Changer】ModelSWR
High Accuracy・High Rigidity Robotic Tool Changer with 0.003mm Repeatability(Payload:0.5 ~ 360kg)
No Backlash at Connection (Repeatability:3μm), High Rigidity (Durable for Bendingand Twisting), Long Operational Life (Durability of more than 2 million cycles)
【Adapter Plate】ModelSWRZ
Applicable Robot:Applicable Adapter Plate (Applicable Robotic Hand Changer)
RS-003N:SWRZ0030-MF2 (SWR0030)
RS-005N/L:SWRZ0070-MF2 (SWR0070)
RS-007N/L:SWRZ0070-MF2 (SWR0070) ※Four M5x10 bolts are required.
duAro1/duAro2:SWRZ0030-MF2 (SWR0030)

Robot Specifications

  • Supported RobotsCompatible robots are as follows. * Select a robot according to the gripper and work weight.
  • Application Software
  • Robot OptionsR series: Built-in solenoid valve, sensor harness, duAro series: Standard specifications are available

Data Download

For manuals and technical data related to the product itself, please obtain from the above product link.

For wiring / piping, see "Installation / Connection Manual" and "Option Harness Manual" for the R series, and "duAro, Instruction Manual" for duAro.

Application Video