Strain gauge 6-axis force sensor ZYXer

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Strain gauge 6-axis force sensor ZYXer02
Strain gauge 6-axis force sensor ZYXer01
Strain gauge 6-axis force sensor ZYXer03
Strain gauge 6-axis force sensor ZYXe 04

The 6-axis force sensor is a sensor that simultaneously detects force (F) along three axes (XYZ) and the specific moment (M) along each axis.
Installation of the force sensor can give a robot a nuanced sense of force.
Like three-dimensional vision sensors and AI, the force sensor is considered an important product in the field of robot intelligence technology.

Robot Specifications

  • Supported RobotsR series (E controller, F controller), B series (E controller)
  • Application SoftwareE controller: ASE_010300X4Z or later / F controller: ASF_010000019 or later
  • Robot OptionsSoftware option: Real-time location correction through user input

Data Download

Please obtain the product manual and technical documents from the product link above.
For information regarding robot installation, connection, initial settings, and usage examples, we provide Kawasaki's "Force sensor basic application manual".
If you are interested in these materials, please make a request through "Contact K-AddOn products".

Application Video