Kawasaki Robotics Academy: All training courses now available as webinars!


The COVID-19 pandemic has massively changed our public life and poses significant challenges to all of us. But of course we are still here for you: Therefore we are pleased to inform you that all trainings of our Kawasaki Robotics Academy are now also available as webinars.

We bring you forward: Our webinars

Save time and money by eliminating travel and overnight stays. Instead, you and your employees can take part in our training courses in an absolutely flexible manner and independent of location – whether in the office, in the workshop or from home.

Whether programming training, K-ROSET or CUBIC-S: All regular training courses are now also available as practical webinars. As usual, you will find an overview and all dates in our current training catalogue!

All you need to participate in our webinars is a PC or a mobile Internet device with Internet access. For a direct and personal exchange with our experts, we also recommend a webcam and a microphone.

In addition to the direct webinar invitation for your appointment calendar, you will also receive all documents, manuals and software in advance as practical downloads. Go here for additional information. 

Any questions?

Talk to us! Our Kawasaki Robotics Academy team will answer your questions and look forward to your registrations for upcoming training courses:

academy@kawasakirobot.de +49 (0) 2131 3426 1350