Vacuum area gripper FXP/FMP

Schmalz GmbH

Vacuum gripper FXP/FMP is a robot hand which can be used to vacuum handling for various variety of workpieces commonly. FXP has pneumatic vacuum generator(ejector) internally and can be operated with only supplying compressed air. FMP does not have vacuum generator internally, is used with external vacuum generator (ex. electrical vacuum pumps).Both on FXP and FMP, suction surface can be chosen from suction foam and suction cups. And they have valve technology which prevents air leakage.Thanks to this, suction surface is not needed to be covered by workpiece completely.Optional solenoid valves and mechanical flange are well prepared, so that users can build robot system quickly.

Robot Specifications

  • Supported RobotsRS0003N

    For RS0003N, RS005N/L, RS007N/L, RS013N and RS080N, use the Robot Flange Mounting Set (SCHMALZ). Prepare a conversion adapter when using other robots.
    Select the gripper size according to the robot's carrying weight.
  • Application Software
  • Robot Options

Data Download

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Application Video