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Kawasaki Robot K-AddOn Products

What is K-AddOn?

Reinforced sales promotion

  • Introduction of equipment and robots on both websites
  • Showing application examples in combination with Kawasaki robots
  • Implementation of external presentations

Expanded sales channel

  • Sharing sales leads
  • Mutual cooperation in sales activitiesIt enables to expand the functions of Kawasaki robots.

Product Development Support

  • Disclosure of robot I/F information
  • Response to inquiries

*Kawasaki will respond and support equipment manufacturers.
There are no restrictions on product sales and distribution.

Newly registered products

Robotic Hand Changer (Large thinnest model)

Company Name



【Model SWL0800】
●Super-Thin:Clamped state dimension 53mm!
●Direct Mounting on Robots:Applicable to RS-080N!
●Fall Prevention:Mechanically holds connection even when air pressure is at 0MPa!
●No Backlash:. It makes locating with high rigility and accuracy!

Adaptive Gripping Hand

Company Name



The adaptive gripping hand is a compact and lightweight general-purpose robot hand that has a trace mechanism that fits the shape of a work and can stably grip even it with a complicated shape.
Since This hand has a built-in programmable controller,
It is possible to control opening/closing and gripping force only with digital signals.
This hand has an intermediate flange that can attach to a small robot arm, a relay cable for connecting to a control device, and a terminal block set as options.

Becoming a Kawasaki Robotics K-AddOn Partner

Products from your company that are compatible with Kawasaki Robots will be registered and showcased on our website as K-AddOn products. We provide our partners support for sales channel expansion for their products and product development support for robot add-ons.

Please apply to become a K-AddOn partner by providing the following information in the contact form.

  • Product names and applications that you wish to add to K-AddOn
  • Compatible Kawasaki Robot model(s)
  • Requests about the sales partnership
  • Any other requests or questions