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Kawasaki Robot K-AddOn Products

What is K-AddOn?

Reinforced sales promotion

  • Introduction of equipment and robots on both websites
  • Showing application examples in combination with Kawasaki robots
  • Implementation of external presentations

Expanded sales channel

  • Sharing sales leads
  • Mutual cooperation in sales activitiesIt enables to expand the functions of Kawasaki robots.

Product Development Support

  • Disclosure of robot I/F information
  • Response to inquiries

*Kawasaki will respond and support equipment manufacturers.
There are no restrictions on product sales and distribution.

Newly registered products

Robotic gripper ARH350A

Company name

Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.

Product profile

The ARH350A has a large finger opening diameter even in a compact size and grips small to large workpieces with one robotic gripper.Adjustable torque, speed and position control achieve to grip soft hardness workpieces without any deformation.Fingers of robot hand are replaceable, it holds approx. 3kg weight. The hollow shaft design can be used to easily install air tools, cameras, sensors and so on.
This product would be applied for various applications such as handling small work pieces and picking foods, medical and cosmetics industries.

Electric gripper EH series

Company name


Product profile

We continue to contribute to societal and industrial development by delivering the highest quality products anywhere in the world with short lead times. Our commitment is reinforced by our dedication to continuous improvement and global support.

Pallet Gripper (Side Approaching for Pallet Transfer)

Company name


Product profile

Moment-Resistible Gripper Suitable for Pallet Transfer
Side approaching enables to save space for fixture stock.

Flow Grippers for Food SFG

Company name


Product profile

Modular, compact gripper for handling dry food even with
high leakage.
Contact element made of FDA compliant material for
direct contact with dry food.
Handling of sensitive food products with minimal surface
Handling of e.g. waffles or cookies with highly structured
Complete gripper in hygienic design made of food safe

Area Gripping Systems FQE

Company name


Product profile

Configurable universal gripper with integrated or external vacuum generation for handling workpieces, e.g. in intralogistics

Becoming a Kawasaki Robotics K-AddOn Partner

Products from your company that are compatible with Kawasaki Robots will be registered and showcased on our website as K-AddOn products. We provide our partners support for sales channel expansion for their products and product development support for robot add-ons.

Please apply to become a K-AddOn partner by providing the following information in the contact form.

  • Product names and applications that you wish to add to K-AddOn
  • Compatible Kawasaki Robot model(s)
  • Requests about the sales partnership
  • Any other requests or questions