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Automatic Temperature Measurement in the “New Normal” Era Using Kawasaki’s Collaborative Robot, “duAro”

In 2020, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) severely impacted the world while bringing many societal needs to light in its wake. In the era of the “new normal,” where virtual contact and social distancing are required, the number of workplaces where robots could play an active role is increasing. COVID-19 Pandemic Reforms the Way Robots Work Milton Gary, president of the International Federation of Robotics Associations (IFR), predicts robots will play a large role in the “new normal.” “Robotics manufacturers will respond to increasing demand for new applications and solutions under development,” Gary says. In the medical field, for example, the number of robots engaged in drug delivery, sterilization and disinfection […]

What are collaborative robots? -human partners that provide flexibility for manufacturers

About 60 years ago, industrial robots were created to automate production processes. Since then, the world of “working robots” has evolved day by day. In recent years, collaborative (human coexistence) robots gained particular attention – not as an alternative to people, but to work together with people. Now, collaborative robots are changing the field of manufacturing. Collaborative Robots: A Rising Star in Manufacturing Car, smartphone, TV, washing machine and refrigerator, the list goes on. The existence of industrial robots is essential for the mass production of a wide variety of products with high quality. By attaching different types of end-of-arm tooling, industrial robots can be widely used in applications ranging […]

duAro2 Has Joined the Series, Powering Kawasaki’s Cobots Further

duAro2 makes its debut In June 2018, a new model of the dual-arm SCARA robot “duAro” series, the duAro2, was released. The duAro is a collaborative robot (cobot) first launched by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, or Kawasaki, in June 2015. Like humans, it has two arms and is capable of working alongside humans in the same environment. While the series’ inaugural duAro1 model specializes in horizontal motion, the duAro2 improves upon its capabilities, extending the range of its arms’ vertical stroke from 15cm to 55cm, and increasing the maximum payload of each arm from 2kg to 3kg. Shogo Hasegawa (GM of FA Solution Second Department of Robot Business Division in Precision […]

Kawasaki’s Motorcycle Factory Reveals Remarkable Progress in Human-Robot Collaboration

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, or Kawasaki, is well known for its“Kawasaki”motorcycle brand. As the “Heavy Industries” in its name suggests, Kawasaki is a manufacturer of a wide range of machines from motorcycles to ships to aircraft. However, did you know that one of the core products in its lineup is robots? Kawasaki produces industrial robots that operate mainly in manufacturing sites, contributing FA. No, FA does not stand for Full Armor. It stands for Factory Automation. These robots, which Kawasaki was the first to domestically produce in Japan, are working hard in factories around the world today. Needless to say, these robots are part of the workforce in Kawasaki’s motorcycle factory as well. […]

The New Guy at GIZMODO Is a Robot That Can Co-Work with People. Say Hello to duAro

He can do his job faultlessly with speed! The end of the fiscal year is always the busiest month of the year for our editorial office. The announcements of many new gadgets mean more stories to write, and backend office work just keeps piling up. When fatigue builds up and kicks in, concentration steadily goes down the drain; it creates a lot of unwanted trouble. Oh listen, the bemoaning show is starting again. What’s wrong, Yoshioka? “The program froze…and I forgot to save my draft…” I understand exactly how he feels. Everyone’s had that, right? Your computer magically ALWAYS crashes when you’re writing articles or reports. “We’re too busy… I’m […]

Dual-Arm SCARA Robot “duAro” – Behind the Scenes of the Collaborative Robot Development

What is “duAro”, the collaborative robot developed by Kawasaki? Kawasaki Heavy Industries, or Kawasaki, has developed a large number of industrial robots since the launching of its first domestically manufactured industrial robot, the Kawasaki Unimate 2000 in 1969. Such Kawasaki, a pioneer in industrial robots in Japan, released the dual-arm SCARA robot* “duAro”, in June 2015. duAro is the result of the pursuit of the ultimate user-/human-friendly robot.(*Robot arms moving horizontally.) Mr. Shogo Hasegawa from Kawasaki was involved in the project since its conception and took part in its development. He will tell us the secrets behind the birth of duAro. Through his account, you will see the extraordinary philosophy […]

The Next-Generation Robots by Kawasaki – Soon to Become “Robots Next Door”?

The International Robot Exhibition 2017 (iREX2017) was held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 29 to December 2, 2017. The massive venue housed numerous robots not only from all over Japan but also from the entire globe! The majority of the robots were single-arm or dual-arm industrial robots, but there were a few humanoid robots exhibited. It was like a scene from sci-fi anime in a real life! Of the many booths, the one from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, or Kawasaki, attracted many visitors who were gazing at each of the models with keen interest. Kawasaki exhibited humanoid robots to mark the 50th anniversary in their history of robotics business this year. The company has mainly focused […]