CAD Data Disclaimer

Please read the following before using the CAD data on this website.

1. Purpose of use of the data

The CAD data on this website is to be used to check robot’s interference and shape, etc. in layout design only.

2. Characteristics of the data

Please note that the shape data such as tolerance, surface roughness and holes in the CAD data may be different from those of the actual product. In addition, some products have no shape data in order to reduce the CAD data file size and facilitate data sharing.

3. Disclaimer

Although Kawasaki meticulously creates the CAD data, the accuracy of the CAD data cannot be guaranteed due to the above-mentioned data characteristics. Also, the CAD data on this website is subject to change, addition and/or deletion without prior notice. Kawasaki shall bear no liability for any damage suffered by the use, change and deletion of the CAD data for any reason.

4. Allocation of intellectual property rights

Kawasaki shall retain all rights, including intellectual property rights, for the CAD data. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, modify and/or sell the CAD data for purposes other than the above-mentioned purpose without the prior written consent of Kawasaki. If the use of the CAD data violates the above-mentioned purpose of use and regulations, Kawasaki may prohibit use of the CAD data and take legal action against the user.