[Robust Humanoid Platform]


Development is ongoing for humanoid robots that can co-work with people in the environment that is best suited to the humans, and perform dangerous and demanding tasks in place of humans.

What is different about the 7th generation Kaleido?

“Kaleido” is a humanoid robot that brings together the technologies of Kawasaki, which has been producing industrial robots for more than half a century. We started the development of Kaleido in 2015 and announced the first generation in 2017. Ever since then, we have continued to produce new versions and the 7th generation, the RHP7 (Robust Humanoid Platform 7), will be launched at iREX2022 (International Robot Exhibition 2022). We spoke to the person responsible for the development, Masayuki Kamon (PhD in Engineering) about the main points to watch on the latest Kaleido version.

Human coexistence type humanoid robot the RHP Friends

Ever since starting the development in 2015, there have been various new versions of the Kawasaki Robust Humanoid Platform (hereinafter called “RHP”) Kaleido. In order to quickly return the technology developed in Kaleido to society, we are currently developing two robots as derivatives of Kaleido. These are the slim type humanoid robot “Friends” and the “Bex” robot that walks on four legs. What was the real intention behind the development of these two robots? We interviewed the person responsible for the development, Masayuki Kamon (PhD in Engineering).