As a comprehensive robot manufacturer, Kawasaki will not only provide the robots themselves, but will also propose new solutions to streamline the integration process.We aim to accelerate the social implementation of robots and launch an innovation platform “ROBO CROSS” where robots acquire data in various social scenes, become a driving force for the digitalization of society as a whole, and ultimately provide unprecedented value to end users.

A new world of robotics created by Kawasaki Robotics. The key to this new world is the Kawasaki Robot Digital Platform “ROBO CROSS”
Mr. Takagi, Head of the Robotics Division, gives an overview of ROBO CROSS and discusses the new world created by Kawasaki Robotics.

To Solve Social Issues with Robots

The robotics business of Kawasaki Heavy Industries has proposed automation and labor-saving solutions mainly for the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, there are still many social issues in the world. How can robots help to solve these social problems?
Kawasaki will cooperate with companies that are familiar with various issues and will work to expand the scope of robot utilization and to contribute to the solution of social issues through the utilization of the data collected by robots. The platform concept to realize this is the Kawasaki Robot Digital Platform, ROBO CROSS.

A “future with robots” realized with ROBO CROSS

The two roles of ROBO CROSS ((1) Improve integration efficiency of robot systems, and (2) Create new value through data utilization) will be explained with use cases.