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For Na Xiong, Finding the Solution Never Gets Old

These days, Na Xiong is an expert Process Engineer at Kawasaki Robotics. But if we rewind to his childhood, we would see a future engineer..

Got a Head-Scratching Commercial Automation Project? Might Be Time to Call CRG.

CRG Automation loves to show up every day to complete brilliant commercial automation projects together. We caught up with them to find out why.

Jeff Monte: Relentless Motor in a Kind and Capable Man

Why rest when your brain can build, create and figure things out? Jeff Monte, Production Supervisor at Kawasaki Robotics, has a motor like this. We’re thankful he does

5 Difference-Making Kawasaki Robots (and Their Ideal Applications)

We tapped Norman Dixon, our Controls Engineer, and he delivered: a list of high-performing Kawasaki robots—and the best applications for them.

For Sue Jia, Numbers Have Always Made Sense

Across decades and continents, Sue Jia (Accounting Team Lead at Kawasaki Robotics) has always been accompanied by math and numbers. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

High-Performance Palletizing: Why the CP Series is Your Next Industrial Robot

If you need strong and speedy palletizing, there’s nothing better than the 180 to 500 kg payload CP Series. Let’s dive into the reasons why.

10 Robotics Software Tips New Users Need To Know

Whether you’re brand-new to Kawasaki Robotics or you have years under your belt, we’ve got a couple handfuls of tips to keep in mind as you work with our software.

How To Build a Winning Long-Term RPA Strategy

Building a successful long-term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) strategy comes with four non-negotiable rules. Here’s what you need to know.

Flexible Automation vs Fixed Automation: Which is best for your application?

They each have benefits, and they each have weaknesses. Zachary Thoma, our Regional Sales Manager, has a complete guide on the differences between fixed and flexible automation.

For Stephanie Evans, The Plan is Everything

On a regular basis, our customers comment on how human our people are. Friendly, kind, easy to work with. All of those attributes and more describe Stephanie Evans.