For Sue Jia, Numbers Have Always Made Sense


Born and raised in China, schooled in Japan and working in the U.S. for decades, Sue Jia has always welcomed change in her environment. But the one thing that has always been with Sue for her entire life is numbers.

“I was always the #1 student in math,” she said. “I like it much more than language. I think that’s why accounting fits me. Use a number to describe a situation? Yup, that’s me.”

Crunching the Numbers for Kawasaki Robotics

Sue began working at Kawasaki Robotics in 2013, and in the decade since, she has established herself as a trustworthy, hard-working and kind member of the team. Today, our Accounting Team Lead accomplishes tasks with enthusiasm and professionalism, contributing to an overall culture of positivity and productivity.

One of her main strengths is gathering evidence and making appropriate financial decisions. It’s a crucial accounting task that requires deep analytical skills, and she has those skills in spades. “There are lots of different parts of my job, and every day is different,” she said. “Invoicing, corrections, month’s end and closing, cash flows and lots more.”

“My favorite part of the job is honestly dealing with different departments here, and with customers outside our walls. I get answers to my questions, and the constant opportunity to learn and grow.”

Sue Jia in the kitchen commons at Kawasaki Robotics

Impressive Adaptability

In 2022, the accounting department at Kawasaki Robotics unexpectedly fell to three people for a time. The trio remaining, which included Sue, worked together to make sure things continued to run smoothly. “I took on a number of tasks I didn’t always do, and I still do them regularly to this day. I’m proud of the work that we did then, and I consider it one of my most notable accomplishments in my time here.”

Sue Jia out at one of her local spots enjoying the day


What Sue likes to do when she’s not working: All kinds of things. Go to the gym, take a class there and talk to other members. Reading, watching TV and traveling.

Book pick: The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. Anything she writes is a good candidate for my favorite book.

TV show pick: Currently? Suits on Netflix. I love that show.

Top places you’ve traveled to: Puerto Rico, I loved the rainforests. Morocco, Italy, Peru, Alaska. All beautiful.

Top places you’re going to travel to: Vienna and Prague. I’m going next month!

Type of food: Sushi. I definitely prefer fish over meat. I try everything I can.

What you’re cooking for a surprise guest: Simple and delicious food. Rice, fish, green vegetables. All seasoned well.

Favorite number: I don’t have one. I love them all equally.

Word of advice to accounting majors: This job needs accuracy at all times, so be accurate and diligent. Examining the smallest amounts is where you’ll find the discrepancies that ultimately solve problems.