• General purpose double axis positioner
  • Horizontal rotating axis + Vertical rotating axis
  •  Pedestal unit- extended workpiece dimension
  • Kawasaki external axis (E0x controller)
  • Payload 250 kg
Max. payload 250 kg
Degree of freedom 2 axis
Nominal torque JT1 1960 Nm
Max. torque JT1 4900 Nm
Nominal torque JT2 490 Nm
Max torque JT2 1200 Nm
Turning range JT1 +/-180°
Turning range JT2 +/-360°
Max. rotating speed JT1 120°/s
Max. rotating speed Jt2 150°/s
Repeatability ±0.05 mm
Max. offset COG from rotating axis JT2 100 mm
Max. offset COG from flange surface 550 mm
Max. mass moment of inertia JT1 1050 kgm2
Max. mass moment of Inertia JT2 192 kgm2
Mass 650.0000
Default height of rotating axis JT1 689 mm
Installation Floor
Color NCS S 0510-G50Y & RAL9011
Built-in utilities Welding ground transfer system
Nominal weld current - 100% duty cycle 500 A
Environment cond. 0÷40°C (Humidity) 35÷85%, no dew

Double axis welding positioner with horizontal rotating axis, vertical rotating axis and 250kg payload