• General purpose multipositioner
  • 3 Horizontal rotating axis
  • 2 stations
  • Kawasaki external axis (E0x controller)
  • Payload 250 kg per side / Distance between flanches 2500-4000
  • Two types: higher and lower
Max. payload 250 kg
Degree of freedom 3 axis
Max.diameter of detail 1300 mm
Load ratio between the parties 100:60
Nominal torque JT2/3 265 Nm
Max torque JT2/3 No
Turning range JT1 +/-182°
Turning range JT2/3 +/-360°*
Max. rotating speed JT1 75°/s
Max. rotating speed JT2/3 180°/s
Repeatability ±0.05 mm
Max. offset COG from rotating axis JT2/3 100 mm
Turning time JT1 (180°) 3.35 s
Max. mass moment of Inertia JT1 - without the inertia of the structure 950 kgm2
Max. mass moment of Inertia JT2/3 80 kgm2
Mass 1050.0000
Max. loading height 1035 mm
Installation Floor
Color NCS S 0510-G50Y & RAL9011
Built-in utilities Welding ground transfer system
Nominal weld current - 100% duty cycle 500 A
Environment cond. 0÷40°C (Humidity) 35÷85%, no dew

Multi axis welding positioner with 3 horizontal rotating axis, 2 stations and 250 kg payload