Kawasaki Introduces RS025N Medium Payload Robot to North American Market


Kawasaki Robotics’ dedication to continuous improvement is evident in their technically advanced general purpose robot line: the R series. With a history dating back to the mid-1980s, Kawasaki has continued to refine their general-purpose robot arms over time, routinely producing robots with wider working ranges, faster cycle times, longer reach, and increased torque. The release of the RS007N/L models in 2017 marked the beginning of a new generation of Kawasaki R series and the latest model, the RS025N, is no exception.  By offering a 25 kg payload capacity, a wide working range, small footprint, drive system, motor location and IP67-classified design, the NEW RS025N sets the industry benchmark for small-to-medium payload robots (3-80kg). 


Industry Leading Speed & Flexibility 

The new robot’s design includes a new arm structure, drive system and lighter main unit, which enables high speeds and a large working area. Its 1,885 mm reach is the largest in its class, allowing for installation flexibility and use in a wider variety of applications. The RS025N robot also leads its class in speed, resulting in reduced cycle times and increased productivity. 

Enhanced Versatility

The slim cart allows for installation in tight spaces. The installation options for integrated or separated controller help duAro2 fit In addition to its expanded work area, the robot’s wiring and installation options contribute to its overall flexibility. The robot’s internal Ethernet wiring enables easy connection to a vision system or other peripheral devices, and its floor, ceiling and wall mount options provide installation flexibility for any layout. The dust-tight RS025N offers a full-body IP67 rating, fully covered motors and waterproof electrical connections allows the robot to Kawasaki’s next generation R series robots (RS007N/L and RS013N) also have reduced interference zones around the robot base, which allows the user to maximize their floor space and working area. 

Built for Longevity

Kawasaki’s new R series robots are designed with ease of use and longevity in mind. The motor has been moved and covered to protect it from harsh environments and workplace wear, and the new motor location on the base allows for enhanced protection and easier serviceability.  

Main Specifications 

 Model RS025N
Launch date – Americas    March 22, 2023
Degrees of freedom6 axes
Max. payload25kg
Positional repeatability±0.04 mm
Max.Reach1,885 mm
Product weight (separated, integrated)270 kg

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