Kawasaki Robotics at AUTOMATE 2022


DETROIT – June 6, 2022 – Challenges presented by the pandemic shed light on the benefits of automation, creating a need for robotics like never before. When in-person work grinded to a halt among quarantine regulations, businesses struggled to maintain production to match the needs of their market. As labor shortages remain, it is evident that the need for automation and robotics will continue to rise. 

To help tackle the challenges faced by today’s manufacturers, Kawasaki Robotics offers a wide range of robotic solutions which will be on display at the largest North American automation show, AUTOMATE, in Detroit, MI, June 6-9. Visit booth 2332 to experience a range of automation displays from bin picking to material handling, to collision-free motion planning software. 

Collision-Free Motion Planning: Kawasaki and Realtime Robotics (RTR) have partnered to display an interactive spot-welding application using two Kawasaki BX100N robots, top-of-the-line ARO 3G spot welding guns, and RTR’s innovative RapidPlan software. RapidPlan allows users to quickly and efficiently modify robot motions- all without any reprogramming or manual verification of motion planning. Depending on the complexity of the project, the number of robots the customer programs, and whether they are starting from scratch or simply making modifications, programming requirements can be shortened by weeks with RTR’s RapidPlan software. 

KRNX API Plugin: See firsthand why startups love Kawasaki’s KRNX API plugin for advanced automation. By enabling real-time control, Kawasaki’s KNRX continuously updates joint angles on the robot allowing advanced users full control of the robot’s motion and execute complex and irregular applications. KRNX opens the door for Kawasaki robots to leverage unlimited external computing power, enabling anything from machine learning applications to advanced safety. It is the future of smart machines. 

Random Bin Picking: See Kawasaki’s RS007N and NEW RS013N robots using Canon’s bin picking camera to pick random parts from a bin to a conveyor. In this demonstration, attendees will see the automated solution for random bin picking empowered by Canon’s leading optical and processing technology.  

Live Paint Simulation: Experience Kawasaki’s KJ155 explosion-proof paint robot firsthand in a live painting simulation featuring the DURR Applicator. The partnership between DURR and Kawasaki reflects the paint process and finishing expertise in this seamlessly integrated paint application. The KJ155 robot model features a 3R (Roll, Roll, Roll) hollow wrist with inner diameter of 70 mm to accommodate hoses, as well as a slim and lightweight body with a wide motion range.  

Industrial Robot Arm Meets Human Collaboration: Touche Solutions’ safety skin and Applied Robotics’ QuickSTOPTM collision sensor make Kawasaki’s RS007N safe for human collaboration without compromising the robustness of an industrial robot arm. 

Arc Welding, Material Handling & Deburring: Using offline programming and seam tracking, a Kawasaki BA006L robot will also simulate arc welding on a part manipulated by a Kawasaki MX700N positioner. In the same cell, a Kawasaki material handling robot will grind the weld seam using a part-to-tool process. 

Interactive Picking & Inspection Demo: And do not miss a fun and interactive demo with system integrator MiQ. Utilizing a Kawasaki RS007N robot and Keyence vision system and ink jet printer, a USB drive will be picked, printed, and inspected for each attendee.