Robot Safety System

Cubic S
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Cubic-S is Kawasaki's safety-rated hardware and software solution. It allows users to build an advanced and flexible safety system by monitoring and limiting robot motion, including external axes. Cubic-S offers safety functions with configurable software settings that can be used to establish safe human-machine interaction zones or multi-robot environments.

Minimize Footprint: By monitoring and limiting the robot motion area users can minimize the safety fence area, which reduces the system's installation footprint.

Added Efficiency: Cubic-S allows for continuous safety monitoring of the cell, which means workers can access inactive areas while the robot is in motion.

Powerful Software: CS-Configurator is the software that accompanies Cubic-S. It gives users access to more advanced settings and features within the safety system.

Cubic-S is compliant with ISO 10218-1, 13849-1 (PLd/Category 3) and IEC61508 (SIL2).