Offline Programming Software

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Want to see your application in action before setting foot on the factory floor? By using 3D models of facilities and workpieces, K-ROSET allows the user to program the robot and design simulations on the PC prior to installation.

Be Prepared: By simulating your application ahead of time, K-ROSET reduces the risk of holdups during installation - providing time and cost savings for the user.

Added Convenience: For even more time savings, K-ROSET allows the user to output programs directly from the simulation.

Accessibility: K-ROSET LITE is a free product available to all Kawasaki customers, which includes some the K-ROSET software’s basic features. Users of this version can view a 3D representation of the robot path, write application-specific robot code, and run the code from a laptop, which can significantly reduce commissioning costs.

Users can access all of K-ROSET’s features by purchasing the software license. Contact us to learn more.

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