Robot Transport Units

Kawasaki Robot Transfer Units (RTUs)

Kawasaki RTUs are built for longevity and reliability. The heavy-duty, Kawasaki-engineered steel frame uses parts made by industry leading suppliers, resulting in durable, low maintenance equipment. All RTUs run on powerful Servo motors controlled directly through the Kawasaki robot controller as an external axis, and can be fully coordinated with the robot's movement.

For flexibility, the modular RTU design allows users to choose their base, ranging in length from 1 to 20 meters in .5 meter increments, with frame sections that can be combined in multiple variations. The B series RTU is rated for robots ranging in payload capacity from 100 to 300 kg.,* and can accommodate risers up to 400 or 600mm tall and up to 300 kg in weight (depending on the robot type used).

*Robot transport units for Kawasaki’s M series line of extra large payload robots (up to 500 kg) can be provided. Please submit an inquiry via the Contact Us page for more information.

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