High-Performance Palletizing: Why the CP Series is Your Next Industrial Robot


In packaging and palletizing, every second matters. It can make the difference between freshness or spoilage, efficiency or drudgery, winning and losing.

It’s already quite the challenge, but when you factor in staffing issues that persist across manufacturing, that challenge quickly morphs into a problem. How are packaging and palletizing companies supposed to keep pace?

One good answer: robotic automation. And for shops in need of such a solution, they typically find Kawasaki Robotics to be especially helpful, intuitive and sustainable..

This is why the CP Series is such a standout. There are many reasons our high-performance palletizing robots are an ideal choice for your next addition. We’re covering several of them today.

1. Speed Meets Strength

Nova Automation, a prolific robot automation expert and one of our integrator partners, simply refers to the CP Series as its workhorse. With a wide-ranging 180 to 500 kg (397 to 1,102 lbs) payload capacity and industry-leading cycle times, it’s clear that the reputation is justified.

The CP Series has the speed and strength necessary to accomplish serious palletizing work in short order, over and over again. It has a maximum reach of 3,255 mm (128”), plus an industry-best palletizing capacity of 2,050 cycles per hour at a 130 kg (287 lb) payload using the CP180L model.

2. Space and Energy Conservation

The E03 controller attached to the CP Series is an undisputed winner as well. The space- and energy- saving unit is just 25% of the standard palletizing controller size and easily fits under conveyors and other equipment.

This controller generates electric power while in a deceleration mode, reducing energy consumption and minimizing carbon dioxide emissions. It’s a guaranteed way to boost sustainability in your shop as you boost productivity at the same time.

3. That Intuitive Software

Kawasaki Robotics’ software is known to be more open and possibility-filled, and it’s fun and easy to use, too. Our dedicated palletizing software, available as an option, allows users of varying skill levels to quickly and easily simulate layout planning and operations. They can also create robot operation programs on a computer.

4. Our Legendary Support

While our robots, controllers and software have proven themselves to be consistent difference-makers, the team at Kawasaki Robotics has done the same thing. We work hard to be a partner who shoots straight, treats people right and lends exactly the right consultation. There’s a reason we like to say WE ARE NOT ROBOTS, after all.

5. The CP Series is In Stock!

We have a handful of CP units on our floor right here in Michigan, and they are ready to serve. If your business has a need for palletizing you can set your watch to day in and day out, there’s nothing better. Explore the CP Series further or get in touch with us. We’re ready to equip you for today and tomorrow.