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What is K-AddOn?

K-AddOn serves as a platform for peripheral equipment manufacturers to expand their sales channel, increase product visibility and develop products with Kawasaki Robotics, by making validated peripheral equipment solutions available to robotic integrators and end-users by the click-of-a-button.

Advantages of Becoming a Kawasaki Robotics K-AddOn Partner

Increase company and product visibility

  • Feature joint product / application  solutions
  • Promote K-AddOn certification, solutions & partnership 

Expand your sales channels

  • Lead generation
  • Align sales activities 

Receive product development support

  • Disclose robotic interface information
  • Respond to inquires

* We provide customized support in the areas listed above according to each equipment manufacturer’s needs.
There are no restrictions for product sales and distribution.

Steps to get registered as a K-AddOn product


Review the disclosed interface information of Kawasaki Robots for equipment compatibility.


Apply by clicking the “Join K-AddOn” button below, after which a Kawasaki representative will be in contact. a K-AddOn partner” section on our website (our representative will contact you).


Detailed registration and K-AddOn program information will be provided during a web meeting.  


Assess your product’s connectivity and compatibility based on the interface details provided by Kawasaki.


After <Step4>, both sides will verify the compatibility, followed by connection testing at the product/equipment manufacturer.


Kawasaki conducts an evaluation for compatibility certification.


Become a certified K-AddON partner


Your product is listed on our website.

Kawasaki Robot Interface Information

We provide details about the interfaces of Kawasaki Robots.
Please click on the link below to find the information you need.

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RS series
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E controllers
K-AddOn Join05
F60 controller
K-AddOn Join06
(F61 controller)