2D Vision System

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2D Vision System of use #2
2D Vision System of use #1

The combination of K-VFinder, K-VAssist, 2D cameras and lighting results in a user-friendly vision system that allows users to track products with precision and flexibility.  K-VFinder is the recognition software that allows the user to configure pattern matching, binarization, and color recognition processes to locate and inspect objects. K-VAssist distributes the findings to up to eight robot controllers through an Ethernet network.

Hardware: A variety of cameras are supported by Kawasaki's software, including GigE, CameraLink, color, and grayscale cameras. Additionally, lighting hardware may be controlled through analog or discrete I/O from the robot controller.

Third-Party Vision Software: The Kawasaki robot controller is also capable of communicating with third-party vision software for part identification, inspection or robot guidance with the built-in Ethernet TCP/IP or UDP communication. With the power and flexibility of AS Language programming, Kawasaki robots can communicate with most vision systems.

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